About Me

I am Owen Ferrer, a Filipino, a Pinoy. My last travel blog were Pinoy Solo Traveler and Project DIY Travel. I also created the travel portal DIY Coron.

I noticed, in my many years of traveling around and some few years of blogging about it, that my preferences and status changes through time. For almost a year, I am no longer a Solo Traveler. Every project would eventually be completed, and so my blog about this DIY Travel would also end. And I realized that most places in the Philippines looks the same. It was just a matter of “how far is it” and “what is it”.

Although I still do travel – I travel every weekends, every holidays, or every month. I still do organize or arrange a tour for Coron Palawan. And I still do want other people to travel responsibly.

So here’s a collection and recollection of various Do It Yourself travels, from different parts of the country.