Getting There & Away Davao Airport Cheaply

Getting Away Davao Airport

  • After exiting the Arrival hall, proceed past the waiting area stairs. Then turn left, heading to the parking entry booth. Walk. Walk until you reach the main highway. You may have to use the underpass to cross the highway.
  • In the waiting area, past the stairs, there is a multicab that offers transfer to the highway. I believe this costs P50/person (I am not sure about this because I just walk).
  • After crossing the road, wait for a multicab jeep. Usually this multicab have “GMall”, “VPlaza”, and other signs I can’t recall now. Ride this multicab. To be sure, always ask the driver if it is heading to GMall or to some Landmark you know in Davao City.
  • The route I always take is Airport – GMall. Fare is P11.
  • Below is the road map I made with tracks.

Getting To Davao Airport

  • Since I am always coming from GMall, this is the route I know. Going back the other way, I would wait for jeep or multicab with a “Panacan/Landmark” sign. And to be sure, I always ask the driver first if this will pass the airport.
  • Fare = P11.


As far as I recall, this jeep/multicab from the Airport makes a round turn at Pichon St.

Cheap? Yes? 🙂