DIY Talikud Samal Davao

The Offer:

DIY Talikud Samal Davao

(Author’s note: I no longer offer this tour. Just use the information here as reference.)

Talikud Island


This is a boat trip to Talikud Island, IGACOS, Davao Del Norte or around Samal Island, IGACOS, Davao Del Norte.

Since the boat is big (capacity range 20-50 passengers), this is a Joining Group so that boat rent share can be affordable. However if you are many (starting at 8pax), the boat can be exclusive to your group.

The meeting place is in Sta. Ana Wharf. The name of the boat will be given one day before the trip date.

It is ideal to have 2 activity spots and 1 lunch spot to optimize enjoyment of the place. Travel duration from Sta Ana Wharf to Talikud/Samal is around 45 minutes.


  • Intro Dive – This have the cheapest intro dive rate in the country. At P1000/person, you will be able to glide underwater with SCUBA apparatus.
  • Fun Dive – for licensed scuba divers.
  • Discover/Practice/Exploratory Snorkeling – with shallow corals and fish abound, snorkeling would prove to be the next best after diving, to view the underwater world.
  • Swimming
  • Beach Relaxing
  • Photography – overland and underwater!
  • Bonding with friends/family


How Much?

Intro Dive = P1000/person.

Includes: Boat rent share, diving equipment, dive master, and local fruits in season (like durian, marang, rambutan, lanzones, etc.)

Fun Dive:

  • 2 Dives = P2000/person
  • 3 Dives = 2500/person

Includes: Boat rent share, dive gears, dive master and local entrance fees.

  • 2 Dives = P1500/person – with own gears
  • 3 Dives = P2000/person – with own gears

Snorkeling = P300-500/person

Includes: Boat rent share (boat share will depend on how many passengers in the boat)

Add-ons: Snorkel & Fins rental = P200/person

Beach Relaxing / Swimming / Photography / Others = P300-500/person

Includes: Boat rent share (boat share will depend on how many passengers in the boat)

Note: Table rent is usually incorporated in the dive rate, thus this comes free if there is diving involved. However, if the activity is purely island hopping, you will just have to pay actual table/cottage rent.

Other Excluded Costs

  • Lunch/Snacks = you may estimate this at P150-250/person. Option is that you may buy own packed lunch (what I usually do) or buy raw food, charcoal, etc and cook it on the beach. This could also be arranged with the dive master for hassle-free arrangement.
  • Drinks = bring own drinks or have it arrange with the dive master
  • Table rent = see note above



Notice To All:

My contact here is a dive master, therefore at least 1 person should do intro dive (at least).

The recommended day to do this is on a Saturday or Sunday, where other divers can also join the dive boat.


And so there it goes. A 1 day DIY Talikud Samal Davao tour would cost as low as P500/day (P350 boat + 150 food + own snorkel gears)

How To Avail?

  1. Email me at or or post a comment here (note comment is moderated here, no posting of email and cellphone numbers). Provide all necessary details in the email.
  2. In the email discussion, a tour cost estimate will be finalized and be confirmed.
  3. If confirmed availing, a reservation will be done with my contact/s. Note: No deposit is needed here. A reservation deposit of P1500/group is now required first. A formal confirmation email will be also be sent to you.
  4. One week before the trip date, a final note will sent through email, sending you contact details.
  5. On your trip date. Arrive on the meeting place at Sta Ana Wharf, and look for the boat given to you by the contact person.