The Making Of Byahe Tayo Cebu Itinerary

I have been pondering about this ever since I created my Tour Rationale.

For the itinerary-making, I would pattern it similar to my DIY Coron. And here’s how it will look like if I outline it.

There are still other possible destination not included in the list.

I have put in one column my recommendation and the typical tour most tourist make. For me, to be practical about it, one does not really need to see the typical Cebu destinations if on limited time.

Now if I add a Malapascua Island trip for a Weekend Trip, here’s how it will look like:

Note that this is just a sample. Here, I plan to hire a local Cebu City guide and a local Maya coordinator. This is where the Other cost goes.

If I plot it in Peso/Person Tour Cost:

This is via commuting public transportation with a local guide tagging with you. Maximum number of guest per local guide is 6 person only.

And if still want to do the typical van rent option, it would still be possible. Here is the tour cost:

What do you think?