Travel Plan – Discover Passig Explore Talikud Islands Davao

Sta Cruz Davao Map

Target Date: August 25-27, 2012

Plane Route: Manila – Davao City – Manila

The Plan:

I have been Davao City many times already. In this trip, I plan to avail the free intro dive offered. In case the free intro dive offer will not happen, we will just snorkel again Talikud Island.

On the next day, I initially planned to visit Eden Nature Park. But since it is not practical to commute there, I looked for other possible place.

Since I am an avid snorkeler and I prefer the sea, I found this place over the internet search. This place is the Passig Islet Aqua-Ec0 Park Resort in Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur. It is near Digos City already.

I am not a “resort”-person, but this place could be a jump-off point to a nearby Marine Protected Area. This would also be my time to do an ocular of the place.

The Itinerary:

Upon arrival, check in at the lodging. Go to Sta Ana Wharf. Do the Talikud Dive/Snorkeling Trip. Overnight must be at Davao City. The next day, go to a bus terminal. I think this would be at Ecoland bus terminal. Commute to Passig Islet. All mode of transportation should be by public transportation. Ocular on Passig Islet. Swim and Snorkel. Then be back at Davao City. The following day is departure day.

How To? How Much?

Passig Islet

Talikud Island