Tour Invitation – [07 21 12] & [12 23 12] Discover Gilutungan Nalusuan Cabulan Pandanon Islands At P1510/Person

Target Date: July 21, 2012 & December 23, 2012

Target Spot: Gilutongan Island (Cordova Cebu),  Nalusuan Island (Cordova Cebu), Cabul-an Island (Buenavista Bohol), Pandanon Island (Getafe Bohol)

Tour Invation Objective: To share boat rent cost in going to the above islands.

What About:

  • All of the 4 islands have marine protected areas. Therefore good snorkeling at least. Very good snorkeling sites are expected here.
  • The 3 islands (Nalusuan, Cabul-an, Pandanon) have white sand beach and shallow sand bars.
  • This is very near Mactan Cebu Airport. Although I do wonder why this is not famous among us Pinoys. No need to go far really.
  • Most of the islands here are developed. It has accommodations and it is a resort, except for Cabul-an which is a local village.
  • Going here is very accessible via Cordova Pier, Marigondon Pier, Maribago Pier, or Angasil Pier Mactan.


This is an open invitation for those who want to see and visit these islands at Cebu and Bohol. With its good coral formation and white sand bar and beach, this place is promising. By sharing boat rent expense, our trip would be more affordable! Please contact me if joining or interested. Or fill up the form found HERE.

To get here, buy plane ticket going to Cebu City taking the first flight, or taking any flight a day before but the tour would have to be the following day.

This tour is intended for a 1-day trip.


  1. Owen
  2. With Owen

Cost Sharing Plan:



Picture Resources:

Gilutongan Island & Nalusuan Island (farther one) –

Nalusuan Island –

Cabul-an Islands –

Pandanon Island –