Travel Chronicles – Wander Underwater At Malapascua Island

Travel Dates: April 3-5, 2012

Instead of a boat trip to Virgin Island at Sta Fe Bantayan Island, we separated with my DIY Travel Friends and proceeded to Malapascua Island. I would never miss this chance to visit this island which is famous for diving.

Here was the Travel Plan:

Location: Malapascua Island, Daanbantayan,  Cebu

My Rating:

Beach: Very Good – combination of fine sand and coral sand. Trees abound the sandy beach, making it cooler to walk around.

Snorkeling Spot: Good – saw colorful corals at dakit-dakit. dead corals abound the coral garden. saw shipwreck but visibility is not so good, not so poor. front beach reef is grassy or weedy but you will find different kinds of sea-urchin, star fish, puffer fish, school of small fish, clown fish, corals, cone snails, shells, etc.


Diving, beach relaxing, sight seeing, picture taking, swimming, and snorkeling.

This place is famous for diving for thresher sharks and manta rays.


  • Transfer cost going here is cheaper than going to Bantayan Island.
  • There are also budget rooms at Malapascua. We stayed at Matterhorn. P900/night. Fan room, own toilet, wifi.
  • This place is really catering mainly for divers.
  • It seems that there is one decent cheap eatery here – Ging Ging’s.
  • It would be easy to get lost in the inner roads (or trail) of the island.
  • Beach life here is also great!
  • Snorkeling is not so great, but you will get to see many underwater creatures.
  • Snorkeling the front beach reef is free.
  • To go around the island, a boat is needed. Small boat rent costs P800.
  • At every spot, there are sanctuary fees at P50/person.
  • Colorful corals at dakit-dakit islet
  • I heard snorkeling is good at lapus-lapus islet. But we were not able to snorkel this spot.
  • Dead corals at the coral garden, but you will still get to see school of fish.
  • If given the chance again, I will explore snorkeling Malapascua Island.

Snorkeling Note:

  • Must be used to snorkeling shallow area during low tide, if you want to snorkel free coming from the shore.

How To Get Here? How Much?

Here’s my itinerary table: (Note we are starting at Don Pedro intersection, Bogo City)