Travel Chronicles – Discover Snorkeling At Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu

Travel Dates: April 6-7, 2012

April 5 was spent mainly on traveling from North Cebu to South Cebu. We arrived Dumanjug at around 8pm. We were supposed to join a friend who also happens to be in Cebu, but instead we decided to just be on our own. And so we looked for a lodging in Dumanjug, and I was surprised that there are few lodgings here. The fan room shared toilet at RA Lodge costs us P300.

Then come April 6 morning, we headed to Moalboal with no lodging reservation whatsoever. And I guess we had our luck. Although Cora’s Palm Court is already full that day, we just waited for few minutes, then a local in motorcycle was saying that there was a vacant room in the far side of Panagsama Beach. So we went there and was able to get a fan room with own toilet, right in the beach front, that cost P800/night. This is at Susan’s. And I actually like this location because it is already near the dive spots. I am actually happy with this find.

And because of this and since I am not a “falls”-person, we decided to skip the plan for Kawasan Falls. Instead we agreed to have unlimited snorkeling!

So much for the introduction…

Here was the Travel Plan:

Location: Panagsama Beach, Moalboal,  Cebu

My Rating:

Beach: Good – If you are looking for a sandy beach, there is almost no sandy beach here. There are some sand in some of the resorts, but once you dip in the water, it is all rocky and coral – so be careful in walking in the sea. On the other end of Panagsama Beach however, this have wider sandy beach.

Snorkeling Spot: BEST – I still cannot contain my happiness in snorkeling here. It was unlimited snorkeling indeed. I think we were the only one snorkeling there. Others we saw there are local fishermen and divers/non-divers in the boat. You must however negotiate your snorkeling way during low tide. You will surely have to walk until the water is about 10cm below knee level. Corals are very colorful indeed. We saw pawikan/hawksbill turtle around 6 times I think. Most of the fish are small in the coral top. But in the deeper part, you could see the bigger fish.


Diving, relaxing, sight seeing, picture taking, swimming, and snorkeling.

This place is famous for diving. Pescador Island is a popular diving spot.


  • Transfer Cost here is cheaper compared to Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island.
  • Snorkeling Cost here is free. Just have the snorkeling gadgets needed.
  • Rooms here are also cheap for me. (Less than P1000 mark)
  • Better eat at Moalboal town proper.
  • For cheaper transfer, take the tricycle stationed near Sumisid Lodge. Fare is only P10.
  • If you get tricycle elsewhere it will gonna be a higher rate (pakyaw).
  • Buy needed food and things at Moalboal town proper.
  • Rent a tricycle in getting to White Beach Bas Daku.
  • I heard motorcycle rent is at P300 only. Next time I visit I will rent a motorbike.
  • Moalboal should be a snorkeling paradise too.

Snorkeling Note:

  • Must be used to snorkeling shallow area during low tide, if you want to snorkel free coming from the shore.

How To Get Here? How Much?

Here’s my itinerary table: