Travel Chronicles – Wander Underwater At Oslob & Alcoy Cebu

Travel Date: April 1, 2012

Along with my DIY Travel Friends once again, we visited this place where it was rumored that meeting a whaleshark or butanding is easy.

Here was the Travel Plan:

Location: Oslob & Alcoy, Cebu

My Rating: Oslob – Good Snorkeling Spot with whaleshark. Alcoy – Not Applicable Yet (I did not snorkel)

Main Activities Here: Oslob – Diving, Snorkeling, Sight-seeing. Alcoy – Beach relaxing, Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming.

Going to Oslob for the whaleshark is quite easy. You just have to ride a bus to go there as early as possible. When we arrived there at around 6am, there were already many people.

We looked for an entrance without an entrance fee. Asking around would not be a problem. Your things would be left there and these people will look after it, as long as you are getting their guide services and some related rentals. There were 3 teams which was color-coded. Our group went to the green team.

After a short wait, it was our turn. The whaleshark watching area is quite near the shore. The boat used here are paddle boats only. Then in a short while, feeding with small shrimp commenced. Then the whaleshark is there already. Time to snorkel and swim with the whaleshark.

The whaleshark here is like a pet. They (I saw 2 whaleshark) will follow the boat. And seeing this whaleshark is really easy.

Since we arrived very early and our line was short, we were not able to eat our breakfast. Be sure to have a packed breakfast.

Side Trip: Tumalog Falls

I am not really a “falls”-person, but since I am with a group I have to join this side trip. The habal-habal ride was quite expensive at P200/2person. I believe I can get a cheaper deal by going to the hi-way intersection by public commute, then riding the habal-habal from that point.

Side Trip: Tingko Beach, DaanLungsod, Alcoy

After going to the falls, we went here. You will pass this beach because it is just along the hi-way. Our first problem was where to stay. It seems that all the cottages were taken. So we just settled on a shade (public I guess) near the barangay hall. Our second problem was where to eat. We manage to arrange our lunch in an eatery along the road, just in front of this barangay hall. This is also where some of us took a shower for P50 P10 fee. The shoal can be seen from the beach. I just sight-see here. I am planning that I will be back here and also the nearby spots here.

How To Get Here? How Much?

Here’s my itinerary table: