Just Wandering: Nina Fuentes

I first met Nina on my first DIY Donsol trip. It was actually my first time to meet a travel blogger. From her, I learned that travel writing could be a source of income. And during that time, I realized that I too was considered as a travel blogger. In her blog, I am sure you will find the How-to and the How-much. She also do sponsored travel post.

Blog Name: Just Wandering

URL: http://justwandering.org/

Real Name: Nina Fuentes

Blogs About: Destination, Everything Travel, Preparation, Reviews, Sponsored Posts, Travel Budget, Wandering thoughts, etc…

Blogs About How-To: Yes

Blogs About How-Much: Yes

Blog’s Excerpt:

Why do I travel? I can’t give you any other reason except I feel this need to be there. Maybe being there means experiencing the culture, enjoying the food, seeing the wonders. All I know is that I like being there, as much as I like being here. This blog is a collection of my trips here and there.

About Nina
I like cats and I like to travel. I can’t give you any deeper meaning as to why I travel (but I can tell you why I like cats — they’re just too fun to annoy), except that it’s something that calls to me and something that I feel I am good at.

I keep a personal blog and a Tumblr, if that’s your thing. (Though you probably won’t see anything substantial in my Tumblr. Unless you’re into Drarry.)

You can get in touch with me through the contact form found in this page.

About Just Wandering
Just Wandering is my personal travel blog, where I share stories, tips and resources from my travels. With justwandering.org, I hope to share the love for travel with you and awaken your passion.

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