Pinoy Solo Traveler: Owen Ferrer

Well, well, this is me! Hehe… 🙂

This is my “old” travel blog.

I made this post to start a Series that I will call as “Featured Travel Blogger“. Travel Blogs are really helpful for me. Well, I am referring to Travel Blogs that really exposes the steps on the “How-to” and “How-much”. In making DIY travel, these blogs starts my travel plan. At least, it would give me an idea on what to expect and what to explore more on a particular place.

Thus this Series would be about that… Travel Bloggers that helps every “traveler” in us.

Blog Name: Pinoy Solo Traveler


Real Name: Owen Ferrer

Blogs About: Solo Travel, Do-It-Yourself Travel, Weekend Travel, Holiday Travel, Joining Group Travel

Blog’s Excerpt:

Welcome to my blog!

Dec 31, 2009 – I have retitled this blog from “Fully Human Me” to “Pinoy Solo Traveler”.

I intend to post my travel stories and adventures here in this blog. Being a solo traveler that I am, I would just want to share my insights.

After being a “Weekend Traveler” this year 2009, I learned a lot of things. There are topics worth posting in this blog. And there are much more topics that is worth not posting, and would be better as is – unknown or discreet.

I would try my best to be as factual as possible, but of course I can not help but to share my own opinions and speculations.