Travel Plan – Oslob Cebu Whaleshark Watching & Alcoy Beach

Target Date: April 1, 2012

Arriving March 31 at Mactan Cebu, me and my travel friends will be staying and meeting at Sugbutel.

Come April 1 4am or earlier, we have to travel to Oslob to catch the butanding there.

I wonder how we will do this.

How many are we? I think we will be a group of 9. And we have to do the traveling fast. And so maybe we have to get a taxi (4+5pax) or (3+3+3pax) going to the South Bus Terminal. Say, P100fare/3pax = P33/pax for this. Then take the Ceres bus bound to Oslob. Catch the first trip. Fare = P155. Total transfer cost one way = 33+155 = P188/pax.

Anyway, below is the tour summary table:

What is there in Tingko Beach, Alcoy?

Beach… a shoal… and snorkeling oppurtunities…