Travel Chronicles – Mactan Cebu Airport To SM Cebu

Travel Date: February 25-26, 2012

This one does not have a Travel Plan at all. No need really. This is just about commuting from Mactan Cebu Aiport to SM Cebu.

One thing I noticed though – the multicab routes in Cebu City and its environs changed! If you can view my other blog, I described there on how to go to Cebu City from airport cheaply. But that is not true anymore, routes already changed.

Anyway, this time, the cost of transfer from Mactan Cebu Airport to SM Cebu (Cebu City) is P33/person.

Here’s how:

1. Ride the yellow multicab at the departure area of the airport. Drop at Gaisano Island Mall. Fare is 7.5o minimum. For computation simplicity, I will use P8.

2. At the Gaisano Island Mall side, there are public van. There is a SM – Ayala route. Ride this van. Fare = P25.

3. For going back to the airport. Back-tracing it, there is also a public van terminal at SM Cebu. Take the MEPZA1 route. Then, at Lapu-Lapu City, you may drop at Gaisano Island Mall again or at Marina Mall. Then take the yellow multicab to airport stationed near the Island Souvenir Store.

Some thoughts and insights during the stay there:

  • It is most likely that the multicab going to Mandaue City or even to Cebu City is stationed at the city proper of Lapu-Lapu.
  • Accommodations around Lapu-lapu City near the airport are quite expensive. If you want cheap lodging, go to Lapu-lapu city proper.
  • Mactan Cebu for me is still a perfect weekend getaway!