Travel Chronicles – What To See In Surigao City

Travel Date: February 15-19, 2012

Note: Main reason for being in Surigao City is to attend the 73rd PICHE national Convention.

In my Travel Plan, I planned of going to Sohoton Cove. But this did not happen because I was not able to get some companion from the 73rd PICHE Convention delegates for this trip – most of them went to Siargao Island.

And so I just explored the city.

Some Thoughts & Insights:

This is my 3rd time in Surigao City. First was just a passing-by. Second was a city ocular. My impression then was that this city is really just a jump-off point (to Siargao and Bucas Grande Island) and a mining stop-over point. Most lodging here really still needs a lot of improvement with regards to tourism aspect.

By nature and geography, Surigao Del Norte can not avoid to become a mining province. And it just follows that mining operation business would have to be set-up here. But a part of this province can really boast for a tourism selling point. They have surfing, white sand beach, islands, lagoon, sting-less jellyfish, fishing game (so they say), falls and diving/snorkeling spots.

When I snorkeled at Punta Bilar, I knew already that I will be soon be going back here… with friends. My criteria for a Getaway Place can be found here in Surigao City I think.

  • Lodging with AC and wifi and less than P1000/night – check
  • A snorkeling spot at least – check
  • A sandy or clear beach at least – check
  • With unique (from Manila) local food or fruit – check
  • Tour spots are accessible or easily reached from airport – check
  • And with lots of public transportation – check

Getting There & Away – Surigao Airport

  1. Walk going to the main road. Wait for Multicab. The sign post was “Terminal-Pier”. Fare = P9. I guess the route of this is Airport-Pier (For Dapa) vice versa.
  2. You may take a tricycle from airport for a private ride. Price = P50.
  3. You may just walk or ride a multicab or a tricycle when going to the Integrated Bus Terminal. It is a walking distance away.
  4. And beside the Integrated Bus Terminal is Gaisano Capital Mall.

Going Around Surigao City

  • Tricycle Fare is fixed at P8.
  • Multicab Fare is fixed at P9.

Local Delicacy

  • Sayongsong – cone-shaped suman
  • Biko
  • Bibingka
  • Puto
  • Lechon

Perhaps it would be worth seeing these places:

  • Surigao Heritage Museum at Surigao Boulevard – here you would see why Surigao is like what they are now.
  • Surigao Boulevard – you’ll see big boats going to nearby big islands. you also see the view of the nearby islands and some flying eagle or hawk.
  • Luneta Park – just a park, seems to be the centerpoint of the city.
  • Provincial Capitol Building – this place is nice to look at
  • Mabua Pebble Beach
  • Basul Island
  • Punta Bilar / Lipata Pier

How To Go To Mabua Pebble Beach

  • I could only show the route in the map. When I went here, I was with out tour bus.

How To Go To Punta Bilar

  • I am glad I went here. I rode a multicab with a Lipata Pier sign board. The terminal is near the fruit stalls. Fare is P20. After passing Lipata Pier, it is Punta Bilar already.
  • I noticed many resort are lined here. But I stopped at Punta Bilar Dive Center. I was hoping to join a dive boat there, but there was no trip that day. So I just snorkel there just in front of the shore. And wow! the corals are good looking here. Also there are many fish to see here.

How To Go To Basul Island

  • I am sure that one can rent a boat in the city to go to this island. But I did not take this route.
  • Since I am at Punta Bilar, and Basul Island in the background, I asked around how much is the boat rent in going there. Boat Rent = P1200, good for 5pax. Entrance Fee = P50. According to the person I asked, there are also very good corals there! I will surely visit this island next time.