Travel Plan – Tacloban City Getting Around

Target Date: Feb 4-5, 2012

For me, Tacloban City is just my jump-off point to Padre Burgos Southern Leyte. But this time I plan of roaming around Tacloban City.

What to see, what to do here?

I got some links here as a result of my Google Search:

In a nutshell, my travel objectives here would be:

  1. To Sight-see – San Juanico Bridge, Government Buildings, Parks, Shrines/Museum, Beach, and Historical Landmarks
  2. Know Accessibility – How to get around this city cheaply.
  3. Find a Comfortable Lodging – AC Room, With TV, With Free WiFi, With Own CR, With Cable TV, and cheap (less than P1000/night).
  4. Explore Local Food – What do locals eat here? What is their favorite food?

What else? Well, that’s all I think. Good luck!


Here is the Travel Chronicle.