Travel Chronicles – Talima Marine Sanctuary Olango Cebu

Coming from this Travel Plan, here is the actual travel chronicle.

We arrived Mactan Cebu Airport at around 7am. Perhaps this post is all about how to do a very short trip in Mactan Cebu. This short trip do happen when you happen to book a plane ticket, due to promo fares, with a return trip very early in the morning on the following day.

First thing we did was to check if there is available room at the nearest lodging from the airport – Silangan Lodge. Since this is not popular with tourist people, we easily got a room. Talk about early check in – we were able to check in as early as 8am.

Then we rode the multicab to Marina Mall area. This is where we ate breakfast, then buy our food – our packed lunch. There is a supermarket here and some fastfood and streetfood store.

Then we rode a multicab (Punta Engano sign) going to Hilton Pier. We walked a few meters going to the pier. This is where we spent our time the longest because we have to wait the returning ferry boat.

There were many Koreans, Chinese and Japanese in this pier. They were going to hop on on their boat for island hopping.

And then we rode the ferry boat to Sta. Rosa Pier Olango Island. The boat was crowded. I guess this is the local way of life when going to this island.

Then upon reaching the pier, we immediately rode the tricycle. Again the ride was packed with passengers – the local way of life!

Then we reached Talima Beach Resort. This is where we ate our lunch, relaxed, snorkeled much, refreshed in their swimming pool, and took some pictures.

Going back to Sta Rosa pier would now mean riding the tricycle with a more expensive fare, mainly because there would be less passenger.

At Sta Rosa pier there is a P1 terminal fee. The pier here at Sta. Rosa is much better compared to Hilton Pier.

Then from Hilton Pier we rode the multicab to go back from our lodging.

How much was this? It was less than P1000/person – food excluded (we really do budget our food daily with or without a tour).

See detailed actual tour cost below: