Bacolod-Silay Airport – Getting There & Away Cheaply

Note: This post is copied from my other blog Project DIY Travel.

Getting Away From Bacolod Silay Airport:
1. Exit the arrival area.
2. Go to the left side. Going to the Departure Area.
3. After the Departure Area, there is an open parking with L300-type vehicles (ac) with sign P35 airport transfer to Bacolod City.
4. The vehicle have a Nyala Tours label. This will go to Bacolod City proper.

Fare: P35/person
Travel Time: More Than 30 minutes. They make stops to pick up passengers at Silay City.

Getting To Bacolod Silay Airport From Bacolod City.
(I only post here what I know based from experience. There may be other terminals for this.)
1. You may wait this Silay bound L300-type vehicle (Nyala Tours) along Lacson St corner Ramos St, Silay-bound road.
2. You may also wait at Robinsons Bacolod at the right end of its building.
3. When you ride this, tell the conductor that you are going to the Airport.
4. Then this will bring you to the Departure area of the Airport.

Fare: P35/person
Travel Time: More than 30 minutes. The passengers here are mainly alighting at Silay City. After all Silay passengers are out, the vehicle goes to the Airport.

Hope This Helps.