Mactan Cebu Airport – Getting There And Away Cheaply

Note: This post is copied from my other blog Project DIY Travel.

Another Note: Route have been changed the last time I was in Cebu. This post would just serve as reference.

Last June 20-21, I was at Cebu. I have been going to Cebu many times. This is my getaway city. Being there, again and again, I have learned how to transfer to the city cheaply.

Arrival at Mactan Cebu Airport

Upon arrival, just go to the road in front of international departure gate. There you will find yellow multi-cabs. Ride this multi-cab. The ride will take you to Mercado or Opon. With me, I always drop at Pusok – just right after it crosses the first intersection from the airport. Fare is P7/head. From Pusok, I will hail a jeepney that have an “SM” signboard. The jeep will take you to SM ofcourse. Fare is P12/head. From SM, there’s a terminal which can take to almost any point in Cebu City. So you see, for only P19, you can get to Cebu City from the airport.

Departure at Mactan Cebu Airport

Since I arrived in SM from Mactan Cebu Airport. that will also be the point where I will start my transfer to the airport. Outside and nearby SM, just in front of Goodyear Tires Service Center, is the terminal for the jeepneys going to MEPZA and Pusok. Ride this jeep. Drop at Pusok Marina Mall. Fare is P12.

Then just walk a few meters, to the direction goining airport, in front of Island Souvenir store, you will see the yellow multicab terminal going to airport. Ride this multicab and you will be dropped in the International Departure area. I think this is the terminal assigned to the multicab. Fare is P7/head. Again, total fare is P19/head again.

Some down points

Although it is cheap to transfer to Cebu City – Cebu City in 2 moves. Riding the local jeep takes time. The empty jeep will have to be filled up to almost full before the jeep can continue to ply. So you really will have to be patient.

Another limitation of this is that if you have a heavy or bulky baggage, it would be difficult to travel. I guess it is a general norm that if you travel with full of baggage, you must travel privately via taxi so that you will not disturb other passengers and you will not be burdened by the heavy load.

So there it is. Cebu City in 2 moves, cheaply.

Until next travel!